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Need reliable help? Join Angie's List for 20% off!

Find trusted, rated service professionals.

Angie’s List is a members-only service that provides detailed, verified reviews of service professionals in your neighborhood so that you can make informed hiring decisions.

Unlike other review services, Angie’s List uses a combination of proprietary technology and good old-fashioned investigative techniques to root out potential fake reviews or conflicts of interest. Companies can’t rate themselves, and they can’t remove bad reviews either. Our reviews are the real thing.

Save 20% when you join Angie's List
As an Angie’s List member, you can sign in and search for help in over hundreds of home improvement, yard care, auto repair and pet services categories. From housekeepers to handymen, cabinet makers to calligraphers, Angie’s List can point you in the right direction toward highly rated services.

What’s more, Angie’s List members receive exclusive discounts and save up to 70% on everyday home, yard and auto projects. Service providers know that Angie’s List members are top-priority clients, and they go above and beyond to please our members.

Use your AARP membership to join Angie’s List today and save 20% off your membership fee.


AARP members will receive 20% off the cost of a new membership or 25% off the cost of a renewed membership when they sign up to purchase or renew an annual Angie’s List membership (“Offer”). The membership discount will be applied at time of sign up. The membership discount can only be applied to an Angie’s List Classic membership. In order to receive this Offer you must a) have a valid AARP member ID number, b) agree to the Angie's List membership terms and conditions on, and c) register as a member of Offer cannot be combined with any other Offer. Angie’s List reserves the right to cancel, suspend, or modify part or this entire Offer at any time without notice, for any reason in their sole discretion.

Redeem Online [?] Redeem Online Please click the below 'Shop Now' to redeem the offer online. On clicking the button, you will be taken to Angie's List website in a a new browser window. Shop at Angie's List as you would normally do. In order to navigate back to the site, please visit the original browser tab containing the website.
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