How the website works
AARP forms relationships with only the most highly regarded providers. Our vetting process ensures that you'll receive the best possible discounts on the products and services that matter to you most. Plus, you can start saving in just three simple steps!
1. Find a great deal!
Browse our Featured and Most Popular Offers or click through each savings category to find the most useful deals for you. Use the search bar in the upper right hand corner to find deals through keywords. Plus, special, limited-time offers will be a regular feature on the site, so you'll want to check back often to take advantage of some great opportunities to save even more!
2. Learn about discounts
Click the offers that most interest you to get more details. Each deal has different - but easy! - ways to be redeemed. The redemption section on the right hand side of each offer shows you how!
3. Redeem discounts
Purchases are NOT MADE on They can be redeemed in at most three ways that may include either 1, 2 or 3.

1. Redeem Online
You will be linked to our Provider's site where you can shop for products. Enter your membership number in checkout to redeem your discounts.

2. Redeem In-store
In you are close to the location you can find the store near you. Present your Membership Card at checkout to redeem your discounts.

3. Redeem By Phone
If available for purchase over the phone, you can call. Provide your Membership Number to redeem the discount.

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